About This Website

Covid19Live is a project created by Jun Kagaya aiming at diseeminating knowledge around Covid-19.

Due to its novelty, little is known about COVID-19, what we knew in the early stages largely came from cross-referencing earlier coronaviruses (SARS, MERS). As the outbreak developed, we were able to form hypotheses around its lethality, and demographics that were most affected. Now, as more than 170,000 cases have been confirmed, many countries are past the phase of containment, and are entering mitigation. It is imperative to have an accurate and reliable source of consolidated information to relay the crisis as it is happening.

Currently, there are many COVID-19 dashboards pulling data from a variety of sources. This project aims to adopt data from additional sources (local governments, health organizations) in order form a more comprehensive conclusion

This project references the following sources for data displayed in graphics

Many other sites have been referenced for news articles relating to Covid-19, this was performed in order to assist posterity in forming a mental picture of what the Covid-19 outbreak looked like as it developed and progressed around the world

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